Ms. Parkman 2005

Ms. Parkman 2005

A faithful reproduction of the classic Pacman

Welcome to a variation on Pacman, the wildly popular game from the dawn of the Computer Age. Now find Ms. Parkman 2005 on your Pocket PC. Dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the arcade classic.

Features of the new game:

  • Easy to learn, exciting to play
  • The ability to submit your best score to our High Scores Table
  • The option to play the game with stylus
  • Game speed control
  • Over 15 levels of fun
  • Cool music and wicked sound effects
  • A resume option
  • New bonus fruits

But the best feature? The enduring spirit of a game that entertained a generation. Try Ms. Parkman 2005 for free!

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Ms. Parkman 2005


Ms. Parkman 2005

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